Exhaust Canopies for Modular Kitchens

Does the smoke make your eyes squint time and again while cooking? Do you have to regularly scrub the walls of your kitchen to remove the smoke and soot and grease accumulating over it? Are you exhausted from the fumes choking your breath and irritating you? The tiny exhaust fan in your kitchen is obviously proving insufficient. Time to move on to a stainless steel exhaust canopy to cut down on your own exhaustion.

stainless steel exhaust canopy

A stainless steel exhaust canopy or a stainless steel hood can be installed right above the cooking area in your kitchen. Regardless of the size and dimensions of the kitchen an exhaust canopy is an imperative. The stainless steel exhaust canopy comes along with the motor, duct pipe and filter. It is one of the essential items in modular kitchens as it sucks up all the smoke and fumes released during cooking from the source itself. Hanging above the stove or the cook top it absorbs all the grease, dust particles, smoke, fume, steam and heat generated while cooking. A stainless steel exhaust canopy transfers the air in the kitchen and then filters it before releasing it into the outside atmosphere. A commercial kitchen equipped with a fresh air fan will enable fresh air to enter from outside, once the exhaust canopy sucks out smoke filled air inside the kitchen.

The government stipulates strict guidelines for installing stainless steel exhaust canopies in homes and commercial ventures. At Lamberts we believe that the stipulation of the customer is even higher. We are a Brisbane based company which specialises in designing and developing commercial kitchens and food outlets. We have been around since 1981 and have now mastered the art of commercial and domestic fittings particularly the stainless steel exhaust canopy. An exhaust canopy or hood can be built of several materials such as brass or aluminum but at Lamberts we are believers in quality and hence offer our products in the best and most durable material of stainless steel. We also offer galvanised canopies as an economic alternative without compromising on quality.

Adherent to the health regulations of the land we design and manufacture stainless steel canopy and hoods according to the Australian standard: AS 1668 Parts 1 and 2. At Lamberts, we offer custom designed stainless steel kitchen where along with stainless steel shelves, counters and benches, the client can also have a custom designed stainless steel canopy for the stove.

One of the first things to consider as a builder is the durability of the kitchen and its function. At Lamberts, we understand the distinction between different kinds of kitchen and the purpose for which they are being designed. Allow us to leverage our professional expertise garnered over several decades in developing and designing your modular kitchen with all its outfits right from scratch. Depending on your needs we will suggest suitable options for exhaust canopies such as vented or recirculating ones. Be it of any size or type, you can be rest assured that the stainless steel canopy will be tailor made to suit the needs of your kitchen as well as live up to your expectations.