How Do You Hire an Industrial Design Company?

Brilliant ideas are just that, brilliant ideas, unless you put in place processes and systems that will enable you to realize them into products and a market that you can fulfill. Innovators always have the brilliant ideas but they lack the processes and the systems required for realization. This is where industrial design or process design manufacturing firms come in. They will take up the best ideas and turn them into products that can be sold in the global marketplace. Product design manufacturing is particularly advantageous for business startups but they can also serve big businesses and even global corporations. They will assist you in product design and as well as the product commercialization processes so that your ideas do not just stay in your head.

Product Design manufacturing

Product design manufacturing companies are generally teams of engineers and designers with experience in product design along with the manufacturing links that will help you bring your great ideas to the marketplace. They also do this cost-effectively in a way that can be justified.

Industrial design firms bring together several skills and expertise under one umbrella in order to help in the product commercialization process. For example, the teams can include electrical engineers, electronic engineers, mechanical engineers, chemical engineers, software designers, marketers along with prototyping processes. In order to assist you roll out your product as professionally as possible, they can also throw in the product manager with great expertise in product rollout.

Not all startups and founders are entirely green. There are some who are already engineers or designers and need further expertise in order to take their products to the markets. In this case, they might be needing the “softer” business services such as the ergonomics and aesthetics of the products and these too, can be provided by the product design manufacturing experts.

The teams will generally ascertain the marketability of your ideas and refine your ideas in order to make them practical and sellable. If you have decided that you will go the industrial product design way when it comes to the realization of your great ideas, here is how you can go about the process:

  • Check whether proximity is a factor in the choice of the product design or industrial design company that you will work with. In a lot of projects, you may need to attend physical meetings in order to be effective with the project rollout. So if you are in the Middle East, you would most likely prefer a product design company which is also based in the Middle East such as DETEKT Design.
  • Have a list of the tasks which you wish the product design company to accomplish for you. The more specific the list of tasks, the more likely are you to get firm quotes on the product design jobs.
  • Identify the firms that you will want to work with based on their proximity and capabilities. The capabilities of the company are normally listed on their websites although you can also read reviews of their past projects in order to determine if they live to the billing.
  • Create an RFQ that they can respond too. This needs to be based on the tasks that you listed above which you want accomplished.
  • Choose the company based on their capabilities and cost-effectiveness. You can also trust your gut feeling after carrying out a thorough background check on the company. For example, how good was their presentation? Did they look professional and capable? How many projects have the executed in the past? How successful have those product design jobs been?
  • If you have the cash, you can opt for a design shootout which allows you to evaluate the capabilities of the company where you can pay some cash in order to cover the costs of participation by the various product design companies. Choose the winner and award them the contract in order to begin designing your products and rolling them out in the marketplace.