An Honest AirEng Industrial Fan Review

Despite its name, industrial fans can be found anywhere apart from the industrial settings. Modern offices and even large homes have found these fans to be more beneficial compared to ordinary fans. After all, who’s to say that industrial fans don’t belong in a home? Their sheer power, speed and durability should be applied to wherever it needs it the most.

industrial fans

Out of the many industrial fan manufacturers found in Australia, AirEng is one name that has gained a reputation for quality and power. They say the company’s workmanship and consistency has produced the best industrial fans Melbourne has ever seen. Is this all hype, or does AirEng truly deliver? Here’s a concise and honest review of AirEng’s various industrial fans.

Air Movement Power

One word that AirEng has always been connected to is power. This is why most industries rely on AirEng for their industrial exhaust fans. Exhaust fans require more power than most to keep the air moving and to ensure that the air doesn’t grow stale. This is particularly true in industries that deal with toxic chemicals and compounds that emit a strong odor.

AirEng’s commercial exhaust fans are powerful not through sheer horsepower but through their high-speed impellers. These impellers are designed for use in chemical plants where stale air can lead to serious health risks. The fans are made of high quality materials that are corrosive resistant, so they don’t rust easily even when exposed to chemicals in the air on a daily basis.

HVAC Applications

While they are best known for their high-end industrial fans, AirEng also makes fans for HVAC purposes. These are different from their large scale industrial exhaust fans, which are geared towards volatile industries that handle dangerous compounds. These HVAC fans cater to commercial buildings and industrial locations that don’t require heavy duty fans. Their fans have hollow blades, which means the fans require less energy.

Heavy Duty Cooling

Sometimes, the main purpose of an industrial fan is to keep the air moving, but there are times when an industrial fan needs to be powerful enough to cool temperatures as well. AirEng manufactures the best industrial fans for high temperature industries like steel mills, coal plants and other high temperature industries.

Their wide array of high temperature industrial fans are equipped with extra protective layers that not only protect the fan itself from the heat, but help it generate less noise. The fans feature ventilated drive train cooling and grease lubrication lines to help the fan last longer in a volatile, high-temperature environment. Unlike AirEng’s other fans, these fans have a fixed pitch to prevent tampering.

Final Word

One thing about AirEng’s products is that they don’t come cheap, but that’s only because all fans are made of the best materials guaranteed to last a long time. On one hand, it might seem impractical to get these fans unless you truly need them. However, if your industry demands constant air movement and temperature control, AirEng’s fans have the power, speed and versatility in them to do the job right.